Architecture and Real Estate Consulting


MOSA Design Studios LLC is a design firm specializing in Commercial Interior Design, Sustainable Architecture, and Real Estate Development within the United States and Latin America.

We are connectors.

Our clients are provided accessible resources to expedite results.

We are educators.

At MOSA Design Studios, we empower our clients through knowledge and strategy. 

We are innovators.

We are visionaries committed to developing real estate investments unique to your company.


Client-architect collaboration for a distinguished objective

  • From research reports, zoning analysis, design, and permitting, we advise the client throughout the entire process bringing goals to fruition.

Precise Designs. Priorities Met. 

  • Our services ensure expedited permits, expert code analysis, and excellent budget planning as well as project deadline satisfaction.

  • Our services deliver precise planning, designing, and drawings in order to maximize a space’s value.

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We work with you to identify your process.

  • We determine what you need and advise you on the steps to make your space a reality.

  • We explain and educate all of the steps to ensure you are comfortable with the right process.

  • From research to reports to zoning analysis to design and permitting – we map the entire process from pre-investment to completion. We are your one-stop project management shop.

We deliver results that meet your business needs.

  • Expedite your permits and get things done fast – because time is money.

  • Provide expert code analysis and compliance consulting to ensure your project is delivered on time to help you stay on budget.

  • Deliver precise design and drawings and recommendations to make sure your space is on point. Most importantly, we know people. As a developer-architect with the right community connections, we know who you will need to talk to and which resources are needed to get your job done right.

meet our FOUNDER

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Mrs. Monica Fenderson is the President and Founder of MOSA Design Studios, LLC.

Driven by a commitment to community and civic engagement, MOSA Design Studios was founded in 2009. As a building plans examiner of 11 years for Gwinnett County, Mrs. Fenderson has extensive experience in architectural design and planning. She has also worked in the private sector for a renowned architectural firm on multi-million dollar projects such as the Atlanta City courts, Atlanta Public Schools, and the Dekalb County Juvenile Court, and has completed a multitude of aviation projects throughout the country. 

During her time as a building plan examiner, she approved as well as supervised commercial projects for  construction. It was her responsibility to create procedures for the building department in order to ensure the compliance of inspectors, contractors, and designers. From there, Mrs. Fenderson gained a reputation for versatility and innovation and also became an advisor to the Gwinnett County Boards of Commissioners where she provided them the technical assistance needed for implementing new zoning policies, building methods, and code standards.

Today, Mrs. Monica Fenderson seeks to share her knowledge with others and places a special emphasis on empowering clients through education about the real estate process. At any rate, MOSA Design Studios, LLC upholds your vision as our mission.