Architecture and Real Estate Consulting


MOSA seeks to empower clients through knowledge sharing and guidance throughout the real estate process. 

We are educators.

We inform our clients on best real estate and design practices and take the necessary steps to meet meet our clients' goals.

We are connectors.

Our clients are provided readily available resources and to streamline the real estate and design process.

We are different.

We are architects and visionaries who will help you develop unique real estate investments.

about mosa

On trend. Future forward. Classic style.

MOSA Design Studios LLC is a design firm specializing in Commercial, Interior Design, Sustainable Architecture, and Real Estate Development in the United States and Latin America.

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We work with you to identify your process.

  • We determine what you need and advise you on the steps to make your space a reality.
  • We explain and educate all of the steps to ensure you are comfortable with the right process.
  • From research to reports to zoning analysis to design and permitting – we map the entire process from pre-investment to completion. We’re your one-stop project management shop.

We deliver results that meet your business needs.

  • Expedite your permits and get things done fast – because time is money.
  • Provide expert code analysis and compliance consulting to ensure your project is delivered on time to help you stay on budget.
  • Deliver precise design and drawings and recommendations to make sure your space is on point. Most importantly, we know people. As a developer-architect with the right community connections, we know who you will need to talk to and which resources to access to get your job done right.

meet our FOUNDER

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As founder and president of MOSA Design Studios, Monica Fenderson is the person to call when you are ready to be in the know.

A licensed architect with deep expertise in multi-million dollar real-estate development projects, Monica takes great pleasure in all of her creative projects whether she’s focusing on the Atlanta City Court system design and redevelopment or scouting an on-site movie location for a client.

Monica’s talents are wide-ranging. She has building official expertise and knows the ins and outs of zoning and code compliance and enforcement. She is a frequent advisor to city officials as to how to update and create new building standards for the greater Atlanta area. Her impeccable design and architectural skills result in beautiful and functional spaces for her diverse group of clients. Furthermore, she runs her architectural developer firm with a focus on the future – employing technical experts and creative designers under one roof to offer a signature services unavailable anywhere else.

Monica also brings the gift of community engagement to all aspects of her life. Need a recommendation on where to eat, live or want to find the best new event? Call her. And, you know, she’s always up to something. Whether it’s the latest fashion event or the newest television series being filmed in the city, you’ll be sure to find Monica.